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Advanced Care Chiropractic for Complete Wellness

Lewisburg Chiropractors Going Beyond Back Pain

Neck and Back Pain? That’s Just the Beginning. At Advanced Care Chiropractic, we see sinus and allergy problems respond well to chiropractic care, as well as digestive problems and fatigue associated with weight gain.

As Lewisburg chiropractor, Dr. Michael Morrison explains, “Our mission is to help you achieve the best results in the shortest time, regardless of your health goals. When alignment problems in the spine are corrected, you can experience relief of symptoms that had manifested in other parts of the body.”

Make Your Journey Healthier & Happier

It is all about you! With our gentle care, we hope to create a healthy Lewisburg community. We’re here to help in anyway that we can, ensuring you get the exact care you need so you can heal and live your greatest life.

We’ll embrace different combinations of care and discuss diet and nutrition, exercise, stress management and your lifestyle. This way, you’re setting your health up for success!

Take Control of Your Health and Life

You’re health is up to you! “We’ve found that those who are
active and passionate about their healing get the best results.
So, don’t wait… begin your journey towards a healthier,
happier life today,” says Dr. Jay Reeder.

Ready to get started? Our devoted team will
answer any questions you have and guide you
through your healing experience with us. Being
open 6 days a week and located near downtown
Lewisburg, we’re conveniently here when you
need us!

Schedule an appointment today and take the
first steps towards your health goals – for life!

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